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Waking Goliath with the Kilted Christian

September 8, 2022
Today I speak with my guest, Duncan MacGregor, the Kilted Christian, about what is really going on behind recent events, from the FBI raid at Mar a Lago, the Russian Collusion, food shortages, chemtrails, and racism, to the onslaught of attempts to divide us and sow chaos. 
We are fighting a battle of good versus evil, and in these dark moments, we need to rise up together, with courage and compassion, to become an unshakable force and shift the world into greater connection and alignment with God’s plan. 
For those who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, Duncan and I – and many others – believe we have a responsibility to stand up and speak out, to help those around us see the truth and become aware and proactive in the fight for freedom. Together, we can overcome these dark times, and create a world that is liberated, healthy, and safe. 
In this episode...
  • [00:30] Shemane introduces today’s guest, Duncan MacGregor, and what lead to him becoming the Kilted Christian
  • [6:20] Adding up the clues of the FBI’s raid on President Trump's home in Mar a Lago, the one sided judicial system, and the truth behind the Russian Collusion and other classified information
  • [9:05] Getting closer to God, coming together as a nation and children of God, good versus evil, and maintaining our freedom and liberty. 
  • [10:26] Shemane shares a first hand account of how Americans come together in crisis, to help and support each other 
  • [14:24] The ongoing battle against suppression and censorship, and the incredible attempts to silence the courageous and faithful
  • [17:48] The truth coming to light about “the jab”, and remembering the last days of the Trump Administration
  • [25:16] Who is asking the right questions, the media’s failure, and the truth behind those who are seeding division and chaos 
  • [30:23] God’s gift of freewill, the biggest weapon we face, the many agendas to destroy our food supply, and the dire truth that is being hidden from the American public
  • [35:19] Who is behind the current state of the world, the power of being proactive, chemtrails, and the rise of people standing in conscience
  • [41:50] The power of voting, holding people accountable, waking the sleeping giant, the battle to save our children and the future, the threat of removing God from the equation
  • [45:15] The scramble of the battle lost, the gun violence agenda, the deadly threat of fentanyl, and the importance of protecting our borders and our veterans 
  • [52:42] Duncan closes with a powerful prayer 
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