Voting The Old Fashioned Way

November 15, 2022
In the wake of the recent midterm elections, it has become increasingly clear that there is widespread corruption and need for accountability within the election process. With so much uncertainty and variation within the states, it is time for us to find a solution so that we can begin to repair the damage and destruction, and pave the way for a true and stronger future. 
It is imperative that we continue fighting for freedom, and standing in faith, for with God on our side, we have nothing to fear. As we continue to find strength and connection as a country, we can overcome these adversities, and turn them into healing, placing God at the helm, both in our nation and in our hearts.  
In this episode: 
  • [00:30] Shemane introduces the topic for todays episode: a new and historical idea for how to have a legitimate election, reflection on the legitimacy of our current election process, a calling for greater accountability in face of corruption
  • [2:45] Statistics from the National Conference of State Legislatures showing the many variables and complex chaos present in the legislation process, Shemane shares her idea for a corruption free election process, and the relevance for a voter ID
  • [7:19] The need for improvement, acknowledging those who stand in truth and are fighting for freedom and the safety of our families, the importance of creating change for the future
  • [9:00] Turning adversity into accomplishment, the divine purpose of what is happening, strength for the fight against evil, and the power of having God on our side
  • [11:01] Shemane shares a closing prayer of forgiveness, awakening, heavenly intervention, guidance, compassion and protection
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