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The Tour of Your Life

September 1, 2022
In today’s episode, I share about what it is like behind the scenes at my husband Ted Nugent’s most recent, and potentially most important Rock n’ Roll tour. From the engaged, energized, and rallying support, it is apparent that we all desperately need brave and bold leaders. It is clear that Americans are ready and willing to fight in this spiritual war and take back our freedom.
With new challenges accelerating and arising daily, we must stay prepared, positive, and present in our faith, mindset, and communication with God. We must remain healthy and strong in order to fulfill God’s mission for our lives.  Through prayer, truth, and righteousness, we can put on the full armor of God and overcome the battle of darkness. 
In this episode: 
  • [1:41] Learn more about Ted and Shemane’s favorite all natural superfood nutrition products 
  • [3:56] Behind the scenes on tour with Ted Nugent, the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, and the engaged, energized support from “the most important tour of Ted’s life”
  • [8:36] The importance of being prepared for the coming dark and difficult days, and the futile struggle of evil to stay in power, and what we can do 
  • [12:50] The tools to face the unknown, and staying enlightened and in communication with God and His wisdom
  • [16:15] Shemane announces her upcoming book on toxic mold, where you can hear more about her journey, and the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset
  • [19:24] What each and every one of us can do to stop the destruction of America, Shemane reads a Bible excerpt from Ephesians 6:10 - 6:13
  • [23:19] Expecting the best outcome through the power of faith 
  • [26:07] Shemane shares about her new book and the profundity of having fighter instincts 
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