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The Chosen Soldiers of Light and How to Disempower Evil

August 25, 2022
In today’s episode, I talk about the courage and warrior spirit of God’s chosen people, the strength and faith it takes to stand in the face of evil, and the unwavering essence of the leaders and soldiers who are leading America, and the world, against the forces of darkness.
Satan takes many forms, and this episode shares the undeniable truth and wisdom of how to see past the manipulative evil narratives, and into the heart of God’s light. Suppression, coercion, ignorance, and fear no longer have sway over those who see, and it is up to us to stay rooted and aligned with liberty and freedom. 
We can no longer deny the spiritual war that is raging, and we each have the power to help in the fight, to empower good, dismantle corruption, and accelerate the inevitable outcome, where God, and freedom, win. 
In this episode:
  • [1:23] Shemane announces when and where you can join her live 
  • [1:42] Shemane reads a powerful email she received about the courage, identity and qualities of the best of humanity 
  • [3:34] The Chosen of the Invisible Ark, those who are the light within the dark
  • [4:34] Shemane shares what we can look forward to in her upcoming podcasts, the truth behind the numbers, and the detrimental effect the evil narrative has on our children and our lives
  • [7:13] The reality of evil and spiritual warfare, and what we can do about it
  • [8:04] Those who are blind to evil versus those who see, the true identity of evil and what to look out for 
  • [11:47] The devil masquerading as an angel of light, how evil controls the ignorant, and the truth behind the agenda to eliminate God from our world
  • [16:16] Overcoming evil with the power of having God on your side, and five things that you can do to help freedom and God win
  • [20:53] Shemane closes with an empowering prayer of courage, strength, and unity, reminding us that evil is already defeated, and the powerful purpose of helping others wake up by living in God’s light 
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