The Beauty & Cost of Our Calling with Pastor Anthony

November 24, 2022

I welcome back Naples Pastor Anthony Thomas as we dive into what it means to answer God’s calling in our lives and live fully committed to His grand purpose. Each and every one of us are here for a reason, and we have a choice to either struggle to sustain our plans, or to allow and surrender into a plan that supersedes anything we could imagine. 

We are witnessing a season where God is removing the menial and base foundations and ideologies, to make room for His purpose and grace in our lives and in the nation. As we step fully into our divine callings, we are blessed with fullness and eternity. 

Together with Pastor Anthony, we share practical and encouraging tools to find the hope and strength to overcome the spiritual war raging, and powerful scriptures to fill and light your spirit with God’s holy desire for your life. 

In this episode:

  • [00:30] Shemane welcomes her guest, Pastor Anthony Thomas, a shocking and telling statistic, and the topic for this episode
  • [00:56] Pastor Anthony Thomas shares a dream vision and its parallels to the world today, the beauty and cost of God’s calling in our lives and what it means for the coming days, and what the Bible says about our callings
  • [3:47] What it means to have a holy calling, the removal of base things and the return of that which really matters: living in God’s purpose
  • [5:29] Pastor Anthony shares a powerful scripture of God’s grace and where we can find it, the apathy of the church, and the blessing of placing all of your trust in God and his plan and calling in your life
  • [7:13] What it means to drop in fully in life, the importance of seeking God’s purpose, the beauty of God’s calling in your life
  • [10:52] What dual prophecy means, the fullness of time, what it is to experience Kronos versus Krainos moments, what it will cost ot step fully into your calling, and how to make peace with that cost
  • [15:05] Making the decision of choosing God’s plan for your life, living with an eternal purpose, what it means to life a full life for eternity, and living for the life to come
  • [17:04] What the Bible says about the beauty of our calling, changing from a reed to a rock, becoming fishers of men, the choice to be on God’s team, and hearing God’s voice 
  • [20:14] A sneak peek into Shemane and Pastor Anthony’s spiritual warfare online training course, making the choice to be victorious or beaten, and what you can expect to receive in the online training 
  • [21:42] Pastor Anthony shares a closing prayer to reveal callings, the grace to step into them, and hitting the mark
  • [22:39] Where you can listen to more from Pastor Anthony




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