Made with Love with David Hughens

November 8, 2022
My guest today is an award-winning feature film writer and director, David Hughens. With scripts that have won numerous awards at film festivals around the world, David gives us an inside look into his newest film, Made with Love, the first ever crowdfunded feature film to star an actor with Down Syndrome.
In this episode, David shares the powerful message and heart warming purpose behind this uplifting and encouraging film, and the endearing story behind how he and the lead actor Jay Carr began their journey together. Along with members in the audience, we highlight the many misconceptions that surround the Down Syndrome community, and bring awareness to these incredible individuals. 
We discuss how crowdfunding is changing the filmmaking industry, and what we can do to continue to help support Christian and conservative voices. In these chaotic times, it is crucial that we stand together and support one another, to spread inspiration and positivity, to conquer the forces of depression and darkness. 
In this episode:
  • [00:30] Shemane introduces today's guest, David Hughens, welcomes the live audience, and shares about how her and David first became friends
  • [3:34] David shares about his filmmaking journey, how God lead him to creating powerful uplifting movies, and a heartwarming story about the inspiration and lead actor Jay Carr
  • [8:03] The mission to raise awareness for the Down Syndrome community, what we can do to support the film and how you can connect with David, and inspiring statistics and incredible stories about Down Syndrome
  • [13:58] The process of creating a film, where you can watch more from David and Jay, how crowdfunding is changing the filmmaking industry, the importance of more positive and uplifting entertainment, and a sneak peek at an upcoming project with Shemane and David 
  • [22:32] The intricate process of film production, and a surprise guest for the next episode, Brandt Fricker
  • [27:22] Where you can learn more about Shemane’s superfood nutrition
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