Juan O’Savin: Death Trap for America

August 9, 2022
Juan O’Savin discusses the importance of putting God first, then takes us on a dive deep into the heart of election fraud and what we all can expect in the coming months. 
Juan sheds light on the shadow government and the unseen missions operating in order to reclaim America’s truth and power, and how we can live as a free and sovereign nation under God. 
We anchor the vital need to be in right relationship with God during these bizarre and chaotic times, the reality of our strength and unity as a nation, and the inevitable shifting that is occurring as we awaken to the truth and justice that grows in response to the detriment and darkness of those who would see us suffer and succumb to fear. 
We must all stand in faith, and in God’s truth, take back control of our lives, and hold fast in God’s greater plan, for we were made for a time such as this. 

In today’s episode: 
[1:24] Shemane introduces her friend and today's guest 
[2:11] Juan and Shemane exchange hunting stories and wisdom 
[7:28] Baptism by fire, hunting, and rigged elections, 
[13:00] The coming of a new world legal environment reality, full circle predictions, saving America, and looking to God as your guru 
[17:42] The morphing of America and the changing of her seasons 
[19:23] Keeping God at the forefront and the spirit of Freedom 
[20:50] What we can do as individuals to prepare, staying in faith in defiance of the fear narratives, and America’s near death experience 
[25:14] Shadow government, the flipping of our current reality, the resolution of the election fraud, and the importance of 2020
[33:45] The inner knowing of the greater changes happening, staying alert and prepared, the dangers of complacency, and taking accountability for the current reality we are facing 
[37:10] Being your own hero and the power of discernment 
[41:30] Shemane shares a powerful story of a soldier and his family, and what she built for burn victims at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.
[45:59] Esther 4:14, fighting as you have trained, the maturation of the situation, and the nonlinear upcoming events
[50:34] Juan offers a closing prayer of empowerment, protection, and alignment with God’s divine plan
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