Government Gaslighting

November 17, 2022
In this episode, I discuss the manipulation and abusive tactics used by Satan and other evils to spread fear and doubt in our hearts and minds. I share first hand experiences with gaslighting, and the undeniable signs we are seeing surrounding the deep corruption of our government and elected officials. Within these dark times, there is hope, as more and more are awakening to the truth and light of God’s will for our country and future.
Life does not always unfold the way we expect it, and with constant chaos and changes happening in the world and our personal lives on a daily basis, we must remain focused on our health, family, and faith. God has a purpose and plan for each and every one of us, and we all have a power hidden in our unique gifts and talents. Despite the ceaseless onslaught of agendas and propaganda, we can face and overcome these and all adversities through wisdom, discernment, and truth.
Stay tuned to the end for exciting news about some of my upcoming projects and offerings!

In this episode:

  • [00:45] Shemane shares about the 2024 campaign announcement, reminds us of the importance of putting our health, family, loved ones, and finances first, an exciting announcement about Shemane’s new show on Real America’s Voice, and an upcoming live show on Podbean
  • [2:11] Taking control of our health, Shemane’s near death experience with Toxic Mold, the possibility of gaslighting by our government, and finding God’s purpose for our lives through discovering and sharing our unique gifts and talents
  • [9:38] The deep truth behind our nation's history, the origins of the term gaslighting, the definition and examples of gaslighting, and Satan, the original gaslighter in the Garden 
  • [16:02] How Satan uses gaslighting and other manipulation techniques to sow doubt and fear, and the propaganda and mass manipulation surrounding the 2020 pandemic
  • [17:23] Why it is imperative to have discernment and do your own research, and to keep asking questions, and Shemane reads a powerful and encouraging scripture of how we can face and overcome the darkness and wickedness prevalent in the world today
  • [20:09] Shemane announces a new Spiritual Warfare online program with Pastor Anthony Thomas, her upcoming magazine launch, and more  
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