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From Worrier to Warrior

September 15, 2022
God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power and love. In these dark and daunting times, it is critical that we remain fortified in faith, despite the enemy’s attempts to silence and stifle us. In today’s episode, I share what it means to stand as an unfaltering warrior of God, and how we can each walk courageously in alignment with His plan. 
Strengthened and protected with the armor of joyfulness, hopefulness, and health, we can fearlessly meet the unknown and help others awaken through spreading the truth of the gospel and standing resolute in the freedom of our faith. From worrier to warrior, we can and we must stand together in the face of evil. 
In this Episode:
  • [00:36] Shemane introduces today's topics
  • [1:01] Shemane shares a funny and serious story about her dog Sadie
  • [4:17] What it means to be a warrior of God and following His plan 
  • [5:31] Social media suppression and shadow bans for sharing God’s word and speaking out in faith
  • [7:05] The aftermath of Queen Elizabeth’s passing, and some very interesting and telling numerical connections surrounding her death 
  • [9:49] Remembering that God did not give us a spirit of fear, and what you can do to ease the worry 
  • [10:34] Disturbing changes, and becoming a warrior of God 
  • [12:49] A spirit of joyfulness and being prepared; Shemane reads a powerful Bible verse from Ephesians 6:10-17 
  • [14:18] How we can stay fortified in these dark times
  • [15:25] The importance of staying healthy, connected, protected, and bringing hopefulness to others 
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