Faith and the Art of Archery with Ted Nugent

October 27, 2022
Joining me in today’s episode as we kick off a new series about faith and archery, is my husband, legendary guitarist and master bowhunter, Ted Nugent. We begin this deep dive into the spirituality and art of archery by discussing the physics, history, and parallels of faith & being one with God. Ted passionately and thoroughly explains the mechanics and dedicated techniques he has utilized over the decades as an archer and hunter.
Shemane discusses the connection between archery and faith,, and the need for more women to stand strong and be bold and brave.
In these times of constant chaos, anxiety, and fear, it is crucial that we remain centered and dedicated in our faith. Now more than ever, we must stay focused and present to the Holy Spirit and God’s gifts in our lives, and steadfast in the battle for our life, liberty and freedom. 
In this episode: 
  • [00:33] Shemane introduces today’s guest and her husband, Ted Nugent, and announces her new podcast series “Faith and the Art of Archery” 
  • [2:17] Ted explains the history and physics of archery, what it means to practice archery in its ultimate form, and the utilization of archery as a tool against evil, stress, and tyranny. 
  • [8:14] The parallels of faith, archery, and life, the fundamentals of grace, stealth, and spirit, and the supreme dedication required to be a proficient bow hunter, and tips to finding the right equipment 
  • [12:38] The connection to archery and the Bible, and the need of this era for more women to stand strong in faith and in self defense
  • [15:13] The way of the samurai, finding stillness in chaos and anxiety, the connection between archery and spirit, and how the mindset and dispaline behind archery was key to Ted’s legendary skills and testimony of staying clean and sober in the music industry
  • [21:28] Where you can watch Ted’s Nightly Nuge, Real America’s Voice Spirit Campfire, and Ted and Shemane’s Spirit of the Wild TV show, how you can help support the many charities leading in the fight for heath and freedom, and where you can find out more about Ted and Shemane’s superfood nutrition
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