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Facing the Giant with the Kilted Christian

September 13, 2022
Today, I welcome back Duncan MacGregor, the Kilted Christian, as we dive into recent events surrounding the music industry, and the onslaught of narratives and agendas we are facing. From transgenderism, racism, rising gas prices, to the plots to destroy American families, we are in the midst of a battle unlike any we have seen before. 
Each of us is being called to think critically, courageously lead, and stand up for our faith, freedom and families. We were made for times such as this, and it is up to us to come together as God’s chosen, and overcome the evil that would see us perish. 
In this episode:
  • [00:30] Shemane welcomes back the Kilted Christian 
  • [00:56] The current events surrounding Brittany Aldean, and the agendas threatening to dismantle equality 
  • [1:53] The dynamic nature of men and women, and the ongoing hate agendas
  • [5:52] Waking the sleeping giant, and American’s readiness for change and healing 
  • [8:20] The truth behind the energy crisis  
  • [9:19] The importance of critical thinking and being proactive in doing your own research, and theories about JFK Jr., and coming together in times of need 
  • [12:24] The perfection of being alive during these difficult times, continuing to do God’s mission, and the immeasurable power of one person’s voice
  • [15:00] Where you can get more information about Shemane’s superfood nutrition
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