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Did the Deep State Create Hunting Laws? With Ted Nugent

September 22, 2022
In today’s episode, I welcome back my husband and avid hunter, Ted Nugent, as we examine the science, history, and immense benefit of hunting for the environment. With deep reverence, Ted shares powerful knowledge and wisdom about the tradition of wildlife management in America, and the origins of its laws and regulations. 
We dive into the absurd laws that perpetuate the destruction and abuse of our freedoms and environment, the powers behind the corrupt and immoral agendas designed to destroy life, censor patriotic voices, and force compliance, and how vital it is to stand up, speak out, and continue to do God’s good work.
In this episode:
  • [00:44] Shemane and Ted introduce today’s topic: more absurd hunting laws, the origins of hunting regulations, and the undeniable benefits hunting provides for the environment
  • [4:22] The overpopulation, dysregulation, and abuse of power present in the government today 
  • [5:20] The designed dismantling and control of our freedoms by the deep state 
  • [8:55] Ted sheds light on the billion dollar revenue of Mourning Dove population regulation, and the immoral and incomprehensible laws implemented to devastate the agriculture 
  • [13:16] The agenda to stop hunting, and the endless regulations preventing the management of a healthy and balanced environment
  • [19:18] Devastating attempts to control and force compliance, both recent and historical 
  • [21:30] The loss of the First Amendment, growing suspicions, and the public admission to suppress and censor concervative voices
  • [23:18] A call of accountability, Ted and Shemane share bow hunting tips for women
  • [24:36] Ted Nugent’s truth, logic, and common sense, how you can receive more information about Ted and Shemane’s supernatural health secret, and a Warrior Women mini series announcement 
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