Celebrating Veterans Day with Ted Nugent

November 11, 2022
Together with Rock and Roll Legend, the Motor City Madman, and my husband, Ted Nugent, we bring you a special edition Veteran’s Day episode to celebrate the heroic men and women who have fought and continue to fight to protect our American freedom. 
Ted candidly and passionately shares his thoughts on the recent midterm elections, and what each of us can do to uphold and defend our freedoms and Constitutional rights in the face of the dark evil that is terrorizing the American way of life. It is time for us to stand together to safeguard the freedoms and future of this great nation. 
We highlight and discuss the many ways you can show your support and gratitude on this day, and every day, for the service men and women who have valiantly and bravely sacrificed so that we may be free. We honor and celebrate the priceless sacrifices of our veterans and active military and their families.
Now more than ever, we must stay steadfast in our faith and freedom, and remain One Nation Under God.
In this episode:
  • [00:04] Shemane introduces today’s guest, Ted Nugent, and announces the topic for this special edition episode
  • [1:21] Ted shares his thoughts on the current events surrounding the midterm elections, the inescapable evidence supporting the failures and violations of our freedoms and safety, the priceless sacrifice by our military and veterans to protect and uphold the Constitution and American freedoms, and those seeking to destroy
  • [6:35] Ted honors the many heroes that fortify, inspire, encourage, and fight against evil for the American dream to continue, how Ted celebrates and honors veterans and the military every day, what you can do to support the veterans around you, and where you can join Ted to celebrate Veterans Day
  • [10:27] Shemane announces her new show on Real America’s Voice, a inspiring and heartwarming story about helping and providing for the veterans and the families at Brooke Army Medical Center, and how each of us can show our support
  • [13:26] Ted shares encouraging ways to express your support and gratitude to the veterans around you, the incredible warrior spirit alive in our military, the challenge coins of brotherhood and encouragement, where you can purchase Ted Nugent challenge coins, and ways you can help support the many charities that are fighting to make a difference in this nation
  • [20:24] Corruption in the election process, Shemane and Ted discuss what we can do to change the direction the nation is headed in, how we can help in the fight for the freedom, and where you can purchase the Ted Nugent’s “I Will Not Comply” merchandise
  • [30:42] The reality of Mass Formation Psychosis, the many who are waking up to the truth and the battle we face, Micheal the Archangel, the life and death reality of this spiritual war, the many evils our nation and families face, and the Constitutional fighters standing for the freedom we owe to our veterans
  • [40:01] Returning to God, how you can help support and stand for God and freedom, and Shemane shares a closing prayer of encouragement, strength, faith, and a powerful heavenly reset of the nation
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