Celebrating 100 Episodes of Freedom

November 22, 2022

Today I celebrate 100 episodes of health, faith, truth, and freedom. Despite the ongoing battle of censorship and suppression, we must continue to boldly stand and bravely speak for what is right and righteous. 

In this episode, I share powerful and exclusive examples of the continued conflict we face in the fight for our freedom and the future of this great nation. In these times of chaos and confusion, we can find hope, strength, and wisdom, through stepping further into prayer, and the protection of God’s heavenly promise. 

The war for our souls wages, and we are being asked to fortify our spirits with compassion and the impenetrable truth of God’s Word. We are living in the presence of the greatest spiritual deliverance, and each and every one of us has the tools and power to make a difference.


In this episode: 

  • [00:28] Celebrating Shemane’s 100th episode, fighting suppression, Shemane’s mission of awakening, and the power of escalating your relationship to prayer
  • [2:34] A powerful scripture of spreading the gospel, dispelling demons, and continuing on the path of truth, utilizing platforms and social media to do God’s work
  • [4:08] Shemane shares an incredible personal story of bravery, prayer, protection, demons, and healing, as well as life and death encounter between Ted and a massive 500 pound Scimitar Oryx
  • [11:15] Spiritual Warfare as a tool for discernment and confirmation, the importance of doing your own research, the silver lining from recent events, the continuation of corruption, and what each one of us can do to make a difference
  • [15:04] Sharing the truth with compassion, Shemane’s goal to provide information and tools about supernatural health, peace, faith, and deliverance, her upcoming spiritual warfare online course with Pastor Anthony Thomas, and the truth behind Trump's recent speeches 
  • [20:44] An announcement of misdirection, diving deeper into government corruption, and proof of the media’s coordinated propaganda
  • [24:04] The true danger to democracy, deeper government manipulation, and the incredible movement towards God
  • [27:36] The battle of social media suppression and censorship, Shemane shares a closing prayer calling for the strength to stand in faith, the restoration of freedom, spiritual awakening, and supernatural wisdom, health, and discernment. 
  • [29:44] Where you can stay up to date on Shemane’s new offerings, and where you can find her books on living a happier and healthier life


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