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Abuse of Power and Government Overreach with Ted Nugent

August 23, 2022
Joining me in today’s episode is Rock n’ Roll legend (and my husband) Ted Nugent. Together we dive into the abuse of power and government overreach that threatens to take away our freedoms. 
From the questionable circumstances surrounding the FBI raid on President Trump’s home, Anne Heche’s death, to the spiritual war we are fighting on every frontier, it is imperative that we take a stand and hold those accountable for its treacherous and heinous actions. 
Each of us has an incredible power, to use our voice, and our freedom, to rise to action and positively affect the changes we wish to see in this country and in the world. Ted talks about ways each of us can contact their elected officials. There is hope in these dark times, and we can all make a difference when we stand together in truth, faith, and God’s light. 
In this episode: 
[00:48] Shemane introduces this episode’s topics 
[02:18] Shemane sets the stage,  highlighting the questionable circumstances around Anne Heche’s death
[04:41] The massive success of Ted Nugent’s “Kamp for Kids” charity, and the American goodwill
[07:12] The withdrawal from Afghanistan, the brutality of the Taliban, Spiritual Warfare, and returning to God, Faith, and Country with 
[09:39] The abuse of power, the cause of the continued rise of inflation, and the call of accountability 
[12:19] The treacherous era of America, self government, and what we can do to make a difference 
[14:27] The power of the American voice and steps to take action in your local government 
[16:51] IRS abuse of power, and the threat to Americans’ hard earn money, and proof of hope
[18:48] The proof and power of hope, Juan O’Savin’ “Bloody Hill”, and other positive strides 
[20:23] Where you can get personally autographed battle cries from Ted Nugent, how you can hunt with Ted and Shemane, and how you can support the fight against evil
[24:48] Shemane offers a closing prayer for safely, heath, discernment, and wisdom 
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